Louise Gray | Queen of the collaboration

Louise Gray is the queen of collaborations.  Last year she did a collecdtion at London fashion Week with Lingerie Brand Triumph, and had made Topshop stores across the UK explode with colour and sequins, with her clothing and make-up collections. This year she has collaborated with British perspex jewellery brand Tatty Devine. Scroll down for more about the collection.. 
Louise Gray | Queen of the Collaboration

Louise Gray | Queen of the Collaboration by soulglitterdesign

I was so excited when I heard about Louise Gray's collaboration with Tatty Devine as I have always thought that her and the Tatty Devine founders Harriet and Rosie had very similar style, and both brand's designs re always so bold, colourful and loud, so it was kind of inevitable that they would cross paths at some point!

 I was supposed to be going to the preview of the collection at the Brick Lane store, but wasn't able to make it which I am gutted about, but luckily with the power of Instagram and the internet, I felt like I was there anyway!

The collection surprised me a bit, as I was expecting Louise to make full use of the neon and glittery perspex that Tatty often use in their jewellery, but instead it is made up of large, simple shapes in silver mirrored perspex, some of which feature etchings of Louise's own handwriting. At first I thought it was a little bit underwhelming, but then when I saw the pictures of models wearing the collection in her SS13 show I realised how striking the pieces look on, and they do actually manage to look 'expensive' despite being made from essentially sheet plastic. Seeing the pieces worn with her clothing also made me realise why the colours were kept minimal - if they weren't the pieces would have been fighting for attention and it wouldn't have worked.
Yes, those huge rectangles on the models hands are so-called rings!!
photo courtesy of  dressful.com

Overall I am a fan of the collaboration, but in terms of practicality and wearability, it is only for the brave!

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