Bespoke leaf skeleton necklace

I made this for a nature themed bespoke birthday present, printed using a real leaf.


  1. It's so pretty!! It's so lovely small and I would definitely wear it but maybe a bigger leaf would be a neat idea for a statement piece?

    A Sweet Release

  2. Personally I love it but I also see a heart in this with all the vein activity. Either way, beautifully done.

    My GIVEAWAY is about to end. You should come by for a chance to win. Hug. Tammy

  3. Thanks for commenting Annular & Tammy! Annular - I originally wanted to do a large one but I'd never tried this technique before so I didn't want to waste too much silver, but I can azure you there will be a larger leaf soon & it will definitely be a statement! X Tammy - yeah the actual leaf was heart shaped! It was so cute - I wish I took a pic before it shriveled up! X

  4. Woah sorry Annika not 'Annular'! I have a predictive text setting on my phone! Haha, Annika is a beautiful name by the way!xx