Origami jewellery | Anthropologie

I am absolutely in love with the Origami jewellery collection for Anthropologie! The collection consists of a few necklaces in the shape of various animals, and each one is available in both silver and 18K gold plated for £98 a pop. I think this is actually quite a reasonable price because they're so classic and wearable. Plus they're just so cute!


Let there be light

Those of you who know me will know that I am well and truly obsessed by lights! My bedroom has to be filled with fairy lights all year round, there's something magical about them and I find them more calming than having one harsh light on to have on all the time - especially working from home!
Anyway, I came across this idea of using old video tapes to build a light and it's sent my brain into overdrive about ways I could change up my lights using translucent objects!
Wine bottles? Old jam jars?!
I'd love to hear your suggestions?




Parker Fitzgerald | 365 Polaroid Quotes

The other day I discovered these beautiful Polaroids by Parker Fitzgerald. For every single day of the year in 2010 he took a Polaroid picture and added a quote to it. I love them all and spent ages trying to work out some of the meanings - here's just a few of my favourites.


Put your stamp on it

I am now offering a service where you can have your initials stamped in silver, with the option of having it oxidized for a more grungy effect. email contact.soulglitter@gmail.com for details!


Bespoke leaf skeleton necklace

I made this for a nature themed bespoke birthday present, printed using a real leaf.


Arosha | Simplistic design

I've never considered that plastic/acrylic jewellery could become high end, but jewellery designer Arosha has proved me wrong. I am in love with this clear plastic cuff!
Just proves that you don't always need the most expensive materials, it's what you do with what you have and being resourceful.

Plastic Cuff Bracelet Transparent Ooak "Crumpled"

Check out the Arosha store on Etsy - beautiful!