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Alex Monroe Interview

I was lucky enough to meet jewellery designer Alex Monroe and since meeting him he is without a doubt one of my biggest jewellery inspirations. I loved his jewellery before meeting him, but I have learnt so much about the ethics of keeping production on a small scale in a London based workshop, but big enough to reach people around the world.

I was definitely surprised when I heard Alex was doing a collection for plus size retailer Evans, as I would never have imagined him to do a high street collaboration at all. It's so refreshing for a designer to pick a slightly less well known shop and also a plus size shop at last!
I was a big risk though as it may lead loyal customers to think it is a bit of a sellout to do a high street range, but I think it will will work to Alex's advantage as it will attract a whole new range of customers who have never seen his work before and massively help his business.

Courtesy of the Evans website, this is what Alex had to say about his inspiration behind the collection;

"Everything has a story behind it. For the Evan's collection we looked back a generation or two at the fuller figure. But we didn't want to reference the unattainable glamour of Hollywood. We imagined a child watching her mother getting ready for a party in the ‘60's or early 70's. That intimate personal glamour. The smell of her perfume and carefully fastening earrings or a necklace. Some of the inspiration comes from William Morris imagery too. Furling curling leaves. I think we've retained that nostalgic sense of voluptuous glamour"

Ahh, he makes everything sound so poetic! Whatever you think of Alex Monroe taking on the high street though, it's hard not to get excited at how affordable the range is (most pieces are around £20)! And the jewellery is true to Alex's style and hasn't been compromised in any way (apart from the fact that it is not precious metals). It's a lovely collection and I can't wait for it to come out!

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