Soul Glitter @ Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Absolutely gorgeous owl they brought over to my stall - just whipped my camera out in time!

I am getting back into doing jewellery markets, and heard they were looking for stalls at Secret World, a wildlife rescue centre run by volunteers near to where I live.

Apart from loving what they do, I had to do it because I completely forgot that I did a 'garden fate' in my back garden when I was about 10 years old which involved inviting round all my friends and their families and selling my old toys/books like a little jumble sale! I also did a raffle ...and charged people 50p to hold my guinea pigs!! I raised £80 (that was HUGE to me), donated it to secret world and got my picture taken in the local newspaper. Boom.
I need to gain back the entrepreneurial confidence I had as a 10 year old!!
Anyway, here's a few shots from the day...

Modelling my anchor necklace!

Soul Glitter business cards
My 'Tree of Life' necklaces
A ladybird on my wellie

Me :)
The ring on the right is Soul Glitter, made from a recycled teaspoon from a charity shop in Fowey, Cornwall.

I loved the girl's taste in jewellery who bought the ring - this was her Grandma's ring!

My stall was opposite the rescued foxes enclosure, and I was lucky enough to snap one when people started to leave!

Completely unrelated, but when I got home I remembered the slate I'd got from a river in Dartmoor the weekend before, and it was my Grandma's birthday the next day, so I painted her a cherry blossom as an extra pressie, and we attempted to get a paw print out of Alfie to add to her card.. let's just say it was abstract :)

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