Photography | Katerina Plotnikova


Magical shoot by surrealist photographer Katerina Plotnikova using wild animals.

What I really love about this conceptual shoot is how she has chosen the girls and paired them with animals that possess similar qualities - such a simple but effective idea and it just looks so striking!

The overall effect is so peaceful down to the soft lighting, the fact that the animals are in their natural environment, and the styling of the models (the hair, dresses, minimal make-up). There's no telling whether it was supposed to look like now or 100 years ago, because there's no sign of modern life.

My favourite shot by far is the first one - the girl's eyes match the foxes perfectly and they both have the same pure and innocent expression. It really made me think how similar we are to animals - how humans can sometimes be animalistic and the other way round. 

I think maybe this is the message she is trying to portray - that we're all born with the same qualities but we all end up turning out so different, but as humans we're all the same.

She also does a lot of surrealist work which I am a huge fan of -  take a look at her work here.

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