Sense of place

For our first project we were asked to think about a 'sense of place', so I immediately thought of somewhere where I go nearly every day - the beach where I walk my dog. It is one of the few places where you feel like you can breath and clear your head! We always go in the evening, where the light is always beautiful. I decided to capture it using my camera instead of sketching, as time was against me with the sun setting.
I was looking at the beach as a whole, which is huge and stretches about 2 miles.. and decided not to capture it all but instead to try and focus on smaller areas. This tiny shell caught my eye! It was only about 8mm in size.

Everything seems to have a soft, golden glow to it, and I thought even this discarded Strongbow can looked quite pretty glinting in the light!

A soggy and sandy Alfie after following another dog into the sea..

This sign is usually above the water, but the tide was so high this evening it was covered. I tried to catch the sun through the mesh of the sign.

My brother walking up to the waters edge. I love how the sun is trying to peak through the silhouette.

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